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Plants in Buildings

Did you know that the levels of atmospheric pollution within buildings can be as much as 10 times the level outdoors? Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are released into the air from furniture, floor coverings, computers, inks, toners – in fact nearly every article which is in everyday use in offices. Even with adequate ventilation, office staff are bombarded with airborne toxins.

The good news is that a group of just 3 plants can purify an area of 30 m2. Within 24 hours some plants can remove up to 87 percent of toxic air. It is scarcely surprising then that research has shown that plants reduce complaints of minor ailments, generally improve the feeling of well-being and increase productivity.

Sounds good! Plants can do more. When schemes are designed within a sustainable green building, plants can help maintain the relative humidity within the building (between 40%-60%) while helping to reduce the building’s temperature. Potentially this could reduce the demands on air conditioning systems, saving you money whilst helping to reduce your buildings carbon tread!

Exterior Green Spaces

We are all becoming increasingly aware of our social responsibility towards the environment. The need to conserve and increase the levels of biodiversity, the anti-pollutant effects of living vegetation, are part and parcel of our endeavouring to establish green credentials.

Aside from this however, there is now a considerable body of research which demonstrates that even small green spaces have a beneficial effect on people’s health.

There is evidence to show that green spaces do more than “pretty up” the neighbourhood: contact with the natural environment helps reduce blood pressure and stress levels. Even views of natural vegetation can help towards the recovery from mental fatigue, increase concentration and hence productivity.

Add your interior plant scheme with some green wall technology and your building will be the coolest swinger in town!

Visit the website www.healthygreenatwork.org



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