Whatever your horticultural requirements may be, we have the answers!

Who do we work for?

We provide interior and exterior landscaping services for all types of commercial enterprises, including multinationals, business and retail parks, hotels, restaurants, bars, health clubs as well as a wide variety of small businesses. 

Our exterior landscape service and maintenance teams will also maintain and manage your estate. In addition we offer a flexible and exciting event and function hire service.


    Examples of our work

    We supply and maintain plants for all types of business, including large multinationals, small businesses, restaurants, bars, health clubs, car showrooms and shopping centres as well as offering event and function hire services. plus icon

    The Environment

    We have a continuing commitment to enhancing the environment.  We endeavour to maintain and increase biodiversity on site and use materials from sustainable resources and minimum carbon footprint.  Waste management is a high priority with sensitive recycling in situ wherever possible.

    We are currently working towards full compliance with ISO 14001 standards.



    Exterior landscape maintenance

    We provide a professional and quality grounds management and maintenance service with the emphasis on the enhancement of landscapes and of the environment. plus icon

    Interior plant sales, rental & maintenance

    We are committed to help you provide a more productive, stimulating and healthier work place using our considerable expertise and innovative ideas. plus icon

    Green wall design and maintenance

    “Green Walls” are a relatively new concept in building design affording considerable environmental advantages.  We offer a comprehensive design and maintenance service at the forefront of this exciting new technology. plus icon